Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner(AC) has become an essential need for us nowadays as it provides us chill and cool breezes in the heat season. Moreover, AC helps in maintaining a normal temperature inside our room in the summer season. Thanks to AC, we do not feel the heat of outside in our home.

Previously, Air Conditioners have not so well effect on our electricity bills. But now we have energy saver, star rated ACs. More stars, lesser will be your electricity bills. Take a look at the top listed energy star rated AC in India 2019.


In the current era, Refrigerator is one of the primary appliances that is present in every home. It provide us with a facility of keeping our milk products, beverages and desserts fresh and germ-free.

We have listed the best-rated refrigerators carrying latest technologies and functional options with their price. Furthermore, we have listed star ratings on the basis of customer reviews which will help you compare between different best selling refrigerators in India 2019.

Washing Machines

Get your clothes washed nice and tide with the best rated Washing Machines. This appliance has also come under the influence of technological advancement resulting in the addition of buying option for users.

Not to worry, we will help you sail over the variety of Washing Machines and to choose the best suited. Moreover, we will discuss the key factors to look for before buying a washing machine. This will enlighten you to get to your appliance. Let’s get started.

Air Coolers

Air Coolers are quite popular in the current electronic appliance markets. At present also, some users still prefer air coolers over air conditioners. As a result, continuous advancement is going on in the manufacturing of air coolers.

Air coolers are still preferred to some extent, as they are easy and efficient to use. Here, we will discuss the best selling and most advanced air coolers of different brands like Crompton, Symphony, Bajaj, etc.

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